How to make DIY tablecloth seaweed/ kelp!

So, this is fun. I got this idea from Pinterest where I saw pictures of the final product and one not so detailed instruction sheet that I found after some digging. But nothing super informative that could help you get what you’re looking for start to finish, if you’re not so crafty. Its easy! Let’s go.

First thing you will need is plastic tablecloths. For the seaweed I was looking for, I chose a Hunter Green and a Lime Green tablecloth. Unfortunately I could not find these colors at my go- to dollar store so I got them off of Amazon. I am sure they’re at party supply stores as well but I was shopping at work so they’d arrive when I could work on them (shh!). Any who, the best size is the rectangular shape tablecloths 54 inches by 108 inches. You’ll be cutting them BEFORE unfolding them so do not open them up to start!

I made two different size seaweed pieces; one thicker and one thinner. I did this by laying the folded tablecloth horizontal and either cutting it down the middle to get two larger pieces of seaweed or cutting it into three sections for three thinner pieces.

Once you’ve made this first cut you still do not unfold it. One piece of the tablecloth will have the folded seam that you will need to cut. You will have to unfold the tablecloth only enough to make a long, skinny piece. If you slide your scissors along the seam you want to cut, it’ll cut it smooth without any jagged bits that you could get if you cut normally. After cutting the seam, you’re left with the two (or three) pieces. You can then start the creation of seaweed!

I have seen a few different ways to begin cutting. One way I saw was to make a straight diagonal line from one edge to just about the center, then repeating it on the opposite side. This, to me, made it look more artificial than I wanted. I played with it a bit and decided to do this approach- a curved line. I am right handed so naturally start on the right side but you could start on either. Take your tablecloth and have the long strip vertical. Use your scissors to cut a slightly arched line, almost like half of a semi- circle, from the right edge to just close to the center of your strip. Then do the same on the other side; take your scissors on the left side and cut a half semi- circle to close to the center. Then repeat this process until you’ve reached the end of your strip. (And notice my shadow appears… he has to help with everything!)

If you’ve kept your tablecloth folded as I have, you will end up with four pieces of seaweed/ kelp for each strip you’ve cut. So if you started with two pieces to begin with, it will yield eight total pieces of thicker seaweed. If you started with three pieces to begin with, it will yield 12 pieces of thinner seaweed. Super fun! Just gently pull apart the layers and reveal your individual pieces of seaweed.

I wanted to mention that your lines and cuts do not have to be perfect. Everything in nature has its own imperfections and straight lines tend to automatically look man-made so don’t stress if you’ve got some weird scissor slip ups or anything. Not every leaf you look at is the same, I’d imagine it’s the same with seaweed although living in the Midwest I guess I am no expert on that one!

Once you’ve got your pieces, you’re ready to hang! To hang your strips, hang it with the points facing up so gravity will naturally pull them down creating a seaweed- like appearance. You can then group your seaweed together to make it look more realistic. These strips of tablecloth are super light and will be easy to hang with tape or thumb tacks.

I am still in the process of getting everything ready for my son’s party so I do not have my finished product to show you just yet. Once the big party has come I will be sure to edit with pictures for you to see these pieces of tablecloth in action! I just wanted to get this out there to start. The cover photo is a backdrop I used to take birthday pictures of my son where I just hung a couple in the background to give it a little something. I hope you enjoyed this! Happy crafting šŸ™‚


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